Roles ACL is not functioning properly - Not able to see imported transactions


I am on Build 14:

I installed the latest build and imported all the data from iBilling. Staffs & Roles is not imported. I manually created the Roles & Staffs. I created roles as manager with limited access. Now the Staff with Manager Roles cannot see the imported transactions. If i change the role of staff to Admin, they can see the transactions. But with manager roles staff cannot see it. In manager role if i select “All Data”, selection is not getting saved also.

When i manually update the database table “sys_staffpermissions”, now manager role staffs can see the transactions.


I have noticed similar problems when importing via customer upload… if the admin uploaded an CSV file… others cannot see it… something wrong with the authorization module


What is the solution for that? I have the same issue. When admin create a new customer.Employees cant see them on Contact List.