Invalid System Email


I’m getting Invalid System Email when I want to use SMTP.

Can you please tell me why.


and when I click on save I get this error message

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


this is due to the incomplete email_sys_config table … if you create the necessary fields from the previous version of the app… then email function will work again… :frowning: looks like we customers have to support each other…


Well I don’t have an older version as this is my first intall. Do you have an older db so I can fix this.


Can you tell me what needs to be fixed. I really need this to be fixed.


You might have to use your PHPmyadmin and get this table " sys_emailconfig " to look like this

and then add data into this table like this

after that it should work, all the best…



Many thanks interstellar. This works :slight_smile: You made my day.


Ohhh still not working, Unable to send emails.



If someone is have the same issue you should do what interstellar told me to do, as I’m hosting my emails at gmail you need to enable Less Secure Apps.,

That’s it.