Deleting a Transactions


Dear All, i installed Business Edition & i imported the data from iBilling, now I am facing an issue that if i deleted any transaction from the expenses the associated account balance not adjusting (not increasing the balance for the associated account) !! it remains a new balance only…
I really need help asap on that & i hope my point is clear …


i know my English it is not good, just need to know if someone has the same problem so i can wait for them to fix it …


Me too observed the same issue. If we delete the transaction, balances not getting adjusted for the transactions after the deleted one.

I need to manually edit in database tables sys_transactions and account_balances


There is not just this problem. There are so many problems and no buddy try to solve it. they take the money and no update for the error. This is just one of the problems. Also there are a differences in the balance and in the total expenses and in supplies and purchase orders and like when we create a invoice if you make a quote the text quote will be in the invoice and many problems. The Ibilling were better than this…


Thanks a lot for replying … Abdo & Raeesumer … 100% i agreed that ibilling is much better than this … also i have so many problems i sent many emails & i requested to cancel my order still no solution … i paid for this but i am still using iBilling …


Yeah, looks like their support needs lot of attention… good potential. but…


so I Asked my self why we paid for PRO version!!!
No support no answer and no return


Hi all,

I just bought the Business version and exploring almost half a day. But I never used iBilling before. Yes I am facing the basic problem in my system now when deleting the transaction. I deleted sample invoice paid. But the total account in Bank not inherited. (it supposed deducted as similar in invoice deleted)

This is the basic flow of the system. I am still don’t know how and what to proceed using this… there will be data not accurate as we go along.

Can anyone share what is the different between iBilling and Business version?

Thank you.


I would refrain from buying there software… until it clear that they are going to support… there are functional issues with their app at this stage…


Hi, We have posted an update fixing this issue. To update, you can download the latest version & replace it. Or if you have github access, you can replace the file- /system/models/Transaction.php from github